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February 5, 2006

Dear Friends,

Over 120,000 citizens voted for me in 2004. This was an
unprecedented number of votes for a Democratic
challenger in the Fifth District. In fact, I received
more votes than the Democratic candidate for President.
I was endorsed by all three major newspapers. We
created a campaign based on issues not on personal
attacks and our opponent outspent us by 3-1. By the end
of the campaign, we gained tremendous momentum and I
am truly grateful to every voter who cast their vote for
Dorothea Anne Wolfe.
I was asked by a tremendous number of voters to run
again in 2006, as many of you felt that the Fifth
District deserved to have a known Democratic challenger
continue to fight to regain the Fifth District seat.  I
raised over $75,000 and went to Washington, D.C., to
seek early endorsements from the Democratic
Congressional Campaign Committee and other national
groups. I was praised for my performance in 2004, but
the priorities of the DCCC and other groups like
EMILY's List for 2006 do not include New Jersey's Fifth
If one examines all of the polls and their projections
for the 2006 cycle, our District is not included. The
cost of running a reasonable race in the Fifth District
is above $1.5 million and viability is important for
funding. The party organizations have encouraged me to
self-fund and that is not possible.

Because of these financial and strategic
considerations, and because of other pressing issues in
the district that need immediate attention, I have
decided to withdraw my name for consideration as a
Democratic candidate for the United States Congress in
the Fifth District of New Jersey in 2006.
As you may know, I cannot use funds from one campaign
to pay off debt from another. Therefore, I have decided
to use the excess of funds donated for the 2006
campaign to both candidates and organizations that
continue to fight for our rights as citizens of a
democracy. I believe in the words of Thomas Jefferson,
who said: "The care of human life and happiness is the
only legitimate object of good government." I will
continue to work and fund efforts that cement this
legitimate objective into the foundation of our
American experiment of democracy.

During the course of the 2004 campaign, two crucial
issues deserving attention came to the forefront and
have subsequently become urgent matters. The first is
the tragic situation created by years of dumping lead
paint from the Ford plant in Ringwood, and the numerous
illegal toxic waste dumps that were created in Upper
Passaic County as a result. This Superfund site has
become a serious health problem for an entire community
in Ringwood and it deserves immediate attention and
stronger oversight.

As a former enforcement officer for the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency, I remain committed to
ensuring that these toxic dump sites will not be
forgotten and the Ford Motor Company remain
accountable for its deplorable neglect until all of the
residents and all independent experts are satisfied
that the areas of contamination are contained and the
toxins fully removed from the soil.

The residents of the area need more than a few
examinations from an emergency clinic. They have
special needs that require Healthcare professionals
specialized in toxic contamination exposure. They were
exposed simply because they live in the area and
because they are not wealthy they have been neglected.
This is unacceptable in a state that prides itself on
its healthcare systems for all members of our society.
It is our duty and responsibility to assure that the
proper healthcare is given to all those effected by the
deliberate and illegal dumping of toxic lead paint. The
responsibility of the Ford Motor Company does not stop
by simply cleaning up its mess. I will report directly
to Governor Corzine on a regular basis to keep him
personally informed of this critical health problem
that is a danger to our community at large.
Also needing immediate attention is the fact that many
members of our community have spent a lifetime caring
for loved ones who are mentally challenged. These
people have been asking for housing for their loved
ones, as many of these are aging parents and fear that
their adult children living at home will be placed in a
nursing home, or worse end up on the streets after they
pass on. I have had preliminary discussions with
interested parties to consider a model housing unit on
the Bergen Regional Medical Center campus. This
facility would be a home for adult children that both
creates employment and provides medical and psychiatric
care. As you are aware, former Governor Codey made
housing for the mentally challenged  a top priority of
his administration and made funds available for housing
projects. I will make sure that the Corzine
administration continues to carry the torch for our
community members in need.
It is with great respect and gratitude that I thank all
of those that have supported and encouraged me in my
campaign. Words can never properly express my
appreciation for all that you have given to promote
this effort and I encourage you to continue to fight
for good government that has a place for honest and
ethical political leadership. I hope that we will
continue to inform every voter on both the issues and
the candidates in every race and that the voter will in
turn walk confidently into the voting booth and cast
their vote for the candidate of their choice.
Eleanor Roosevelt once said:  "The purpose of life is
to live it, to taste the experience to the utmost, to
reach out eagerly and without fear for new and richer
experience." I intend to continue to live fully without
fear and challenge those who would cause harm to our
civil liberties, our environment and threaten the basic
rights of others.

We must continue to work together to bring our troops
home from war ravaged Iraq as swiftly as humanly

With deep respect and gratitude,

D. Anne Wolfe



Letter to Editor: Garrett's a Hypocrite on Pork

In the wake of hurricane Katrina, U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett, R -N.J., voted against $51.8 billion in emergency relief to the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina because the bill contained no accountability.

"Writing them a blank check and not being able to have oversight does not achieve that," said Garrett.

I looked into Garrett's record at Project Vote Smart and found a horrendous hypocrite. He did not stand up for accountability or oversight in previous spending on appropriations bills.